Friday, August 30

Step-Sisters Jenna Sativa & Lena Paul Fuck Each Other

Jenna Sativa is getting undressed in the bathroom. When she puts on a new set of clothes and leaves, she forgets her panties on the floor. Her step-sister is ecstatic when she walks in to find her discarded panties. What Jenna doesn’t know is that Lena has been sniffing her panties in secret and developing quite the crush on her. Lena starts moaning loudly as she plays with herself. When Jenna walks into the bathroom to investigate, she finds her step-sister with her panties in her mouth. She can’t help but wonder what the hell she’s doing. Lena has been had and doesn’t know how she’s going to get out of this. When Jenna asks her what she’s doing, she tries to come up with an excuse by claiming she was about to do a load of laundry. But Jenna knows better than to believe that. Lena’s never done laundry for her and knows that she’s lying. When Jenna admits that she’s kind of flattered by the attention, Lena can’t believe her ears. Jenna asks her if she’s ever eaten another girl’s ass before and Lena starts blushing. She’s always wanted to but never had the opportunity. When Jenna takes her by the hand and leads her to the bed, she can’t believe she’s actually gonna get her chance. Jenna then turns around and tells her to put her nose in her ass. Lena doesn’t hesitate for a second. When she dives in there, she can’t believe her fantasies are becoming a reality.

Sunday, June 16

Jade Baker Gets Intimate With Hot New Neighbor Jenna Sativa

Jade Baker walks over to her new neighbours home baring a housewarming gift. She's met at the door by Jenna Sativa and is instantly greeted with open arms! Invited in for tea, Jade is escorted to the living room where the girls begin to chit-chat. Jenna leaves to get some tea and when returns, she's completely naked! Jade is alarmed by this very sudden, and revealing change of outfit, but Jenna simply replies that her family are nudists, and adds that she's also a lesbian! Jenna is very handsy with Jade and her intentions are made clear; she wants Jade, and she wants her now! Reluctant, Jade tries to find excuses to go home, but Jenna is determined and keeps Jade in place. With a lot of convincing, and a bit of pussy to mouth, Jade finally succumb...

Sunday, February 17

Jenna Sativa And Sara Luvv Take Turns Licking Each Other's Soles And Toes

We set Jenna Sativa up with Sara Luvv. It turns out this was the best idea we have had in a long time. These two girls love sex, and love sexy feet. There is almost no limit to what they will do, from ass licking to major foot worship. This video has tons of passion and never slows down!

Wednesday, December 19

Unwrapping Her - Alex De Flor & Jenna Sativa

It's Christmastime and Jenna Sativa is napping beneath the tree as she dreams of her ideal Christmas gift. When Alex De La Flor sneaks in wearing nothing but sexy lingerie, she is caught in the act of putting a gift beneath the tree. Jenna can't hold back her smile as she sets Alex's gift aside, proving to Alex with a kiss that she's the only present Jenna wishes for this year.Alex lets Jenna have her fill of kissing and caressing before gently taking charge. Pushing Jenna back on the couch, Alex fills her hands with her girlfriends' generous breasts. She inches down Jenna's body, taking Jenna's panties with her before she settles between her lover's thighs. Flicking out her tongue, she laps at the heart of Jenna's passion. Her pussy feast is endless as she indulges in every drop of sweet cream. When Jenna gets on her hands and knees, Alex gets her fingers in on the action and finally drives her love over the edge. Jenna's Christmas wish isn't just about her own orgasms; she wants Alex to enjoy herself, too. She works Alex out of her skimpy lingerie and then drops to her belly on the couch so that her mouth is pressed to the heart of Alex's pleasure. With one hand between her own legs to rub her clit and keep herself wet and ready, Jenna suckles Alex's clitoris and probes her tongue all the way into Alex's snatch.When the girls have each enjoyed their first glimpse of paradise, neither of them is ready to quit quite yet. Jenna rolls onto her back, wrapping her loving arms around Alex when she climbs on top. Alex's twat is soon perfectly positioned for Jenna to continue her pussy feast, while Alex can easily lean forward to complete a lesbian 69. That position is just what each of the girls needs to get off once again, reaffirming their love and passion for one another.

Sunday, December 2

Extra Love For Shy Love - Jenna Sativa & Shy Love

Shy Love just hasn't been getting the attention from her boyfriend she deserves. He's been working long hours at the office and part of her thinks he's been cheating on her with the hot new secretary. Maybe that's just her mind going to the worst-case scenario, but it doesn't make things any easier on Shy. She's a young woman and she has her needs. Jenna Sativa stops by one evening to see how Shy has been doing. Jenna has always been her older mentor. In fact, she's been more of a big sister to her than anything over the years. Jenna just can't bare to see Shy stress out. Sexual frustration is the worst, as she's gone through it herself. That is why she has the perfect solution for Shy's problems. Jenna pushes Shy back in bed. It catches Shy off guard for a moment, but she doesn't resist. She lets it happen. Jenna makes quick work of Shy's panties and has quick access to Shy's pussy. The sudden and intense attention has made Shy wetter than she can remember. She's finally going to get some action!

Sunday, October 28

Jenna And Her Stepmom Mona Are Sharing Kali's Sweet Pussy

Mona Wales stars as the high-powered owner of an escort agency mentoring her foster daughter Jenna Sativa, grooming her as her protégé. “She showed me how to dress, taught me about accounting and, most importantly, showed me how to seduce people,” explains Jenna. Jenna’s first order of Family Business is meeting with the alluring Kali Roses for a job as an agency employee, which involves a gruelling interview process – and a scorching hot three-way. Spoiler Alert: Kali gets the job!